Meet Melissa


Hi!!  My name is Melissa and I am your floral designer!  This is a brand new journey for me and I'm am excited to be able to share it with you.  This all started when I started looking for flowers for my wedding ceremony.  I could not justify the price of real flowers that are half dead by the end of the day, and can not stand the obviously fake look of silk flowers.  Then I discovered sola wood flowers.  Not only did they look insanely real, but they felt real too all at a fraction of the cost of real flowers.  I ordered some samples and started making small arrangements.  I was hooked!  Then one of my friends offered me an opportunity to sell some of my items in her booth at a local craft fair.  I took a leap of faith and from that moment on Painted Petals LLC was born!

I am passionate about people and have always gone above and beyond in everything I do.  This is no exception.  I take great care and pride in bringing my customer's visions to life, giving smiles, and creating memories.  I personally believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the luxury of having fresh florals without the hefty price, maintenance, and eventual death that comes with them. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey and I look forward to helping bring your floral dreams to life!